Talk To Me Thursdays: The REALITY of Marriage

April 6, 2017

There are so many people in my life who are married, want to get married, or on their way to getting married. My husband and I were together for a long time before we got married and I had so many expectations.


Here were some of them: 


  1. What I was thinking: I married Prince Charming. My life is going to be a romantic fairytale. I will always feel this giddy when I see you.
    My Reality: Romance means coming home after a long week sitting on the couch- in silence. We’re in the same room right?

  2. What I was thinking: We got married so now two worlds become one.
    My Reality: He has the WORSE taste in furniture and wants to bring THAT to our new home. I think not.

  3. What I was thinking: I can’t live without you. Not for even one minute.
    My Reality: When is your golf trip? Do you need help packing? New clubs? A country club membership?

  4. What I was thinking: I want as many kids as we can have.
    My Reality: Making kids are THE best part of “having” kids. In fact, someone else can come “have” my kids for a long while. Any takers? 


And on and on.


Many of my expectations were never formally voiced, but I still had them. I walked into my marriage completely clueless. C-L-U-E-L-E-S-S. I made SO many mistakes- far-reaching ones that changed the course of this marriage. Thankfully we were able to course correct and keep it intact.


Don’t get me wrong, marriage is a beautiful part of my life, but it is challenging and there are days I don’t want to compromise. I want life my way. Preferably in a martini glass with a side of cake pops, but THAT IS NOT MY REALITY.

For most married people this holds true. The truth is you have to own your marriage and base it off what your marriage needs and not on what YOU want. It's really that simple, so save your time buying books. I solved it for you. #ThankMeLater 


What expectations do you have or had about marriage? Talk to me.






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by Brinn From Burbank