It's Official...Thirty Days Until I Turn 40

August 2, 2018


I have one more month of being in my 30’s. As I sit here and type this, it doesn’t seem real. Like what have I been doing this last decade. I still feel 27- but the mirror tells a different story. I am starting to gray and my laugh lines are here to stay. I am not sad by what I see, but it is interesting to watch yourself age.


I tried to think about what I did in my 30’s so then I could give you some jewels of wisdom, but I am coming up empty. So instead, I asked myself what did I accomplish in my 30’s and here is the list.


Thirty Things I Did in My 30's:

  1. Got married. (After being together for NINE years.)

  2. Graduated with my master’s degree. (Only because my husband went back to get his second master’s.)

  3. Changed jobs three times. (I don’t stay if I feel stagnant or overlooked.)

  4. Had two more kids. (I feel like I have twenty-five.)

  5. Got promoted twice. (LONG overdue.)

  6. I went on a solo vacation. (So underrated. Planning my next trip.)

  7. I found my purpose. (I think. Read more about it here.)

  8. I cut my hair and grew it out too many times to count. (I always cut it when a lot of change is happening in my life.)

  9. Bought three cars. (One got totaled. RIP Bonnie.)

  10. Bought a house. (It’s my forever home. Blessed.)

  11. Found my girl tribe. (People ask me how many best friends I have. I have too many to count. I have my work tribe, sister tribe, Bible study tribe, my mom tribes and on and on…)

  12. Traveled and managed to get back home to Cali. Finally. (Still plotting on how I can return home and stay.)

  13. Started this blog. (The best decision I have ever made. Thank you for reading it.)

  14. My son went to college. (I had him at 19, so this is a BIG accomplishment for me. Read more about my experience here.)

  15. Had a lot of my prayers answered. (Sometimes the answer was no.)

  16. Found a Bible study group. (My Crazy Sistas in Christ keep me lifted.)

  17. Got a financial advisor. (Saying no to debt and paying off what I have is my focus for the next four years.)

  18. I took my health more seriously and now exercise regularly. (I don’t feel like my best self if I don’t work out.)

  19. Went through 5 different planners and now using the Happy Planner. (For now. I talk about planners here and here. I'm sorry, but the discount code for the Passion Planner doesn't work anymore.)

  20. *Starting life coaching classes on August 15th. (Stay tuned.)

  21. Found a pen pal. Actually two of them. (I just sent a card off today to one of them.)

  22. Discovered the perfect skincare products for my face. (Most people don't think I am as old as I am. My hip flexors tell a different story.)

  23. Picked up my love of reading again. (When I was younger, I used to read A LOT more, but thanks to Audible and Scribd I can listen wherever I go.)

  24. Bought grown-up furniture. (There is still a little IKEA and Target sprinkled in there.)

  25. Stopped keeping up with the Joneses. (They don't even know what they want anyway.)

  26. Tried a side hustle. (I still sell toothpaste so if you need any, get it here.)

  27. Started budgeting. (I have a blog post coming soon about my "method". Notice the quotes.)

  28. I stopped censoring myself and spoke up. (My face normally follows what is happening in my brain, but I more readily shared my opinions.)

  29. I branched out from my normal white wines to red wine and love red more than white now. (It helps my besties all love wine.)

  30. Stopped collecting things and learned to collect more memories. (I am a frugal spender, but when it comes to experiences I learned it's okay to live it up a bit more.)


PHEW! That's my list.


I know some of  those things are big  and I am obviously forgetting some of the smaller things that changed my life, but this list reminds me of how much life I have lived. And by God’s will how much I have yet to live.


As I type this, I am reminded of a question from my friend Ashley who asked me, “What would I tell my 30-year-old self”? It has taken me a year to answer this, so my apologies Ashley, but here goes. (Maybe I do have a few jewels of wisdom in me after all.)


  1. The hardest thing you will ever do is continue to function in a place you know you’ve outgrown. You see, we tend to stay in places or deal with people WAY too long because we either are comfortable, afraid, or are trying to save face. Life isn’t promised so why bother treading water when there’s a whole ocean to be seen.

  2. People have a lot of opinions. Don't make their opinions become facts about yourself.

  3. You can change your mind. Often. I was afraid to change my mind because I didn’t want people to think I didn’t have follow-through. Guess what? Most people don’t have follow-through. Besides people can see when you half-ass it, so save yourself the trouble.

  4. Set expectations early. In all parts of your life. I have found when I have false expectations, I always get the short end of the stick. Let your feelings and/or intentions be known as soon as possible. It helps right wrongs.

  5. Trust yourself. All the time. Seriously.

I could keep writing, but then I would probably repeat myself so I will stop there.


That’s all I’ve got for today.


Honestly, I am looking forward to the next decade of my life. I hope to complete it and be writing ANOTHER list of things I have learned in my forties.








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by Brinn From Burbank