Embrace the Journey

January 29, 2018

I have been on a quest for the last four months to get my mind and body together. It may be symptom of all the perfection I see on social media or that my 40th birthday is breathing down my neck, but whatever it is I am embracing it. I think.


A few months ago I told you my phrase for this year is "Embrace the Journey". I know. I know. There is nothing provocative about that phrase, except it's mine. However, this simple statement is something I needed to ground me. Let me explain.


"Embrace the Journey" means so much, so it may take me a bit to unpack it. I feel like I will unpack it over time, but for now it means waking up and accepting whatever God has for me. What I mean by that is, as much as I want to control everything and know where I am going, I can't. This stresses me out to the nth degree. I really hate surprises, so sometimes I want to duck under a pillow fort and wait out the storm, so I can see more clearly, then react. I can't. And, THAT AIN'T LIFE. 


So instead of letting my anxiety steal my joy and peace,  this year I am relinquishing all control I have to God and riding in HIS passenger seat because he doesn't need a co-pilot. Seriously. 


Therefore, for the the past month or so, I have been holding on to my faith to get past my anxiety. Faith is actually my word of the year.


When people talk about their faith, it tends to put a HUGE spotlight on my own. I like to believe I have unwavering faith, but I do not.  You see, I have the type of faith that wavers a lot more than it should, but thankfully God has ALWAYS shown up and out for me. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Yet, my faith wavers- almost like those buoys in the ocean they put out to keep people from going too far. I see those buoys as God's mercy, ushering me to the safest part of the water, yet I try to go around and find my own way. And sometimes, I manage not to drown and make it back to shore, BUT that is only because of HIS grace. 


Thank God for grace and mercy. I wouldn't be here without it.


So, as I continue to embark on trying to unpack what it really means for me to embrace this journey, I want to you to remember a few things:

  • We are never in control of anything. Accept that and move on.

  • For best results, follow "the maker's" instructions.

  • Learn to rely JUST on God. He will ALWAYS get you through the tough spots.

  • Pray without ceasing.

(You know I am really talking to myself, right?)











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by Brinn From Burbank