How to Have the Perfect Playdate

February 1, 2018

Often, I promise my children playdates with their favorite friends. I am sincere when I promise them, but often it doesn't happen, but today was different.


A few months ago, we had an awesome playdate after months of saying we were going to hang out.


If anyone knows me, I normally plan every aspect of the playdate for fear of them getting bored. I have been practicing being more mindful of my time and between having a head cold and a sick household, I didn’t have time, so I had to be spontaneous. (The word even freaks me out, so it was a BIG day for me.)


Soybean’s playdate arrived at 11:30- right in the crux between lunch and nap time for Lenny. My lovely husband grabbed us lunch and I released the kids to the basement to play in the playroom. A few seconds later, they were already screaming they were bored. (Not really, but I felt the need to add dramatic flair right here.)


That’s when I remembered I had a few blank canvases downstairs and plenty of paint. They painted their canvas and that’s when I decided I would keep a few blank ones on hand in the future for days JUST LIKE THIS.


My favorite paint is from Michael’s and it’s called Craft Smart. It costs about $.79 a bottle, which allows me to get a LOT for a little. (I just realized I could have gotten WAY more for $8.00 by buying the value pack. I just learned something.)  



A friend of mine showed me how to use pill boxes as paint containers and so I filled them up with paint.  Can we say BRILLIANT? I bought this paint brush pack and the canvas too from Michaels. (Do I need to be sponsored by them?)


I then added a few more colors I had onto a paper plate and VIOLA the kids were happy.  Here is what Soybean painted:



She asked to put it up in her room. Her friend painted a unicorn and was happy she had something take home.


After that activity, I was pretty proud of my quick thinking. If anyone knows a 5 year-old, they know they get bored quickly, so the second round of boredom kicked in soon after.


Lucky for me, I had gone grocery shopping and found some Halloween sugar cookies. I remembered I had kept the cookie icing and sprinkles from the holidays last year and that’s when the SECOND brilliant idea of the day hit- decorating cookies. It was a hit. Of course, they just wanted to dump the sprinkles on the cookies, so it looked more like glitter ball than a cookie, but again they were happy- AND her friend had yet ANOTHER thing to take home. ( I was 2 for 2. Can I say I was KILLIN’ it? Mhmm…)


The reason for this post is to remember not to obsess about every detail being planned out when it comes to creating the perfect playdate.


I say grab some a paint, a few blank canvases, some sugar cookie dough and a bottle of sprinkles and you soon will have created the PERFECT PLAYDATE too.


Happy playing.





P.S. It does help when the playdate is with a well-behaved child. I ain’t gonna lie. She was so sweet and actually even cleaned up the playroom when she was done. It was easy peasy. She is always welcome at our home.

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by Brinn From Burbank