The Lost Art of Letter Writing

November 16, 2017


As we become more and more dependent on the technology that's supposed to "free up" our time, we are losing so many wonderful things like letter writing. 


I write for a living. All day. Every single day. Then I go home and write content for this blog. Most days. My point is writing is a wonderful form of art. It allows me to express myself in so many ways. 


A few months ago, one of my best friend's and I began writing to one another- weekly. (I still owe her a letter. More like a dozen, but who's counting?) It brought me pure joy to receive a letter from her. I kept them all and reread them from time to time. There is something about reading handwritten words off a page. The texture of the paper. The way the ink bleeds in the fibers of the paper. The markings on the envelope. Everything about the experience is beautiful. 


Have you ever received a handwritten letter? How did it make you feel? Who was it from? What was it about?


Show me your letters on Instagram and tag me! I want to start a pen pal loop. Message me if you are interested. 







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by Brinn From Burbank