Do You BuJo?

October 9, 2017

I LOVED my Passion Planner when I bought it. ( A lot of y'all know this. In fact you bought one. I am sorry, but that is so last year.) With my Passion Planner, I had space to map out a goal and achieve it. (This blog is the result of it.) But, I wanted more. I bought the 8.5 x 11 and that was WAY TOO BIG. It got heavy. So, I decided I would go to Canva and MAKE ONE! HA! I tried it and it was a HUGE fail. (Not epic, but pretty darn close.) 


As we approach the last part of the year, I am starting to see planners, which made me rethink my Passion Planner. Talking to my friend A, I decided to make a bullet journal because she made one and it looked fab. And the idea of having a planner EXACTLY how I wanted it to be made my heart sing.


As with most things in my life, I had to research what this "BuJo" thing was. Did you know there is a whole society of people who "BuJo"?  I quickly got overwhelmed because some of these people are really artistic and here I am barely able to write my name straight. 


And if anyone knows me when I start something new, I GO ALL IN. Like I wanted all the right pens, paper, stencils, stickers, and tabs. Thankfully A already had done some research on the journal and I was able to order one from JournalandCo on Etsy.  She has SO many options and so of course I went down the rabbit hole. I bought two journals- one for my blog and one for my business. 


Then the heavens sang, which further confirmed my latest endeavor. ( I have a lot of them.)  Wouldn't you know Amazon would have a lightening deal on pens. I got E I G H T Y, yes 80 pens for TWELVE BUCKS! #WIN #TIMESTWO 


Once I had gotten all my stuff I started looking at layouts because I needed inspiration. I can't even begin to tell you how many layouts there are. So this is where it got real. Like Pinterest gave me anxiety I had never experienced to that extent before. In GENERAL Pinterest does that to me. Can anyone relate?


It was all good because it made me have to to decide what IS it I want my planner to contain. I don't know. Everything in my head- at least. I knew that wasn't going to happen, so I made a list and landed on the following "sections", which all require a layout:


Do you think I missed any? Then, I made my cover and here it is:

Thank GOODNESS for stencils. I was able to use them to create my first cover. I may change it, but it was fun making it. I am not IN LOVE with it and I’m still trying to find my creative voice. 


I am on week two of my BuJo and I love it. Like don't ever see myself going back to a traditional planner. Besides, I have a reason to color every single day. Yeah, I tried those adult coloring books, but there's something about creating you own stuff. For those who know me, sometimes I don't color in the lines. 


Stay tuned as I dive head first into making my "dream" planner come true. If any of you have tips or questions, please leave them in the comments below!





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by Brinn From Burbank