10 Wishes I Have For My Kids

November 2, 2017


 As a parent of three very different children, my heart's desires for them, remain the same. As I wrote this list, it forced me to think about them in the context of being all grown up, which made me a bit sad, yet happy at the same time.


This blog is a record for them. It contains all my hopes, dreams, failures, as a mother and as a person in general. 


Here are my top 10 wishes for my kids:


1. I hope they embrace who they are, who they aren't and who they will never be. Better yet, and find a mate who does the same.

2. I pray they continue to seek God in all they do. (And to learn to pray even when they don't feel like it.)

3. I hope they learn to forgive us (my husband and myself) for all the mistakes we have made and yet to make as we try our best to raise them.

4. I hope they will always remain salty. You see, living in Michigan, we salt the roads to melt the snow. The same is true in life. If we don't let ourselves "be salty" then things will continue to pile on us. Then we get nowhere. (My dad told me this and it has stuck with ever since.)

5. I pray they have a long life full of joy, health, and wellness. These are the things that make us rich.

6. I hope they never lose their sense of wonder or their imagination. We tend to "shelf" these innately human attributes and run towards things that show off our skills so we get praise from others. Such a futile thing.

7. I hope they understand you will always live a "blessed life" if you continue to hold God's hand. Living a blessed life does not mean there won't be bad. It means when something bad happens, God is already on the other side of it.

8.  I wish for them peace, hope, and love. If you have all three, then you have the world. 

9. I hope they find the one thing that makes them excited to get up each morning and get dressed.

10. I pray they are light, even in the darkest corners of this world. 


I could write so many other things, but for now I leave it at that. 


What are some of things you wish for your child(ren)? Tell me a few of them.





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by Brinn From Burbank