Here I am Stuck in the Middle with You

I graduated from a Christian college this May. I studied economics and business and have since pursued a career in advertising. And the more time I’ve spent in the Christian community the more I’ve seen people don’t believe there’s room in the middle. People don’t believe there’s room for women who are pursuing God and actively trying to live His truth, but who don’t fit the traditional mold of a “good Christian woman.”

While I was at school I was simultaneously pushed two separate directions – without being given space to breathe.


People were either asking me why I never got drunk or chastising me for the half inch of bare skin between my maxi skirt and my blouse.

 It was as though I either had to turn away from God, start binge drinking, and get a couple extra piercings or join a lot of prayer groups, buy a stash of ballet flats, and consider a career in pediatric nursing. Society wanted me to be one or the other – berating the possibility that I could be a Christian who was seeking after the Lord while simultaneously having an independent personality and style of my own.


Somehow, I was less of a Christian woman because I listened to folk music and wanted to work in media and preferred dark purple lipstick. I was less of a Christian woman because I was not about to get married and start having babies the moment I graduated college.


But being a Christian is not about fitting an earthly mold. It is not about being judged.


You do not need to be the textbook woman with a “modest is hottest” inspired wardrobe and a penchant for essential oils to be a woman after God’s own heart.


People like to talk about women of the Bible. But they tend to skip over one I think deserves attention: Miriam.


What do we know about Miriam? We know she was a dancer, a musician, a leader, and a prophetess. We also know that – flaws and doubts and all – she loved God and chased after him. She was not the traditional “woman of the Bible” we imagine when we think about women like Mary and Sarah. But she was sent before the Israelites as a paragon of Godly womanhood.

Christian womanhood is not about conformity. Your relationship with Christ is defined by the contents of your heart, not by your music preferences, your career, or your design aesthetic.


So go forth and conquer.


Be you. Be who God wants you to be. And send the haters on their way. 


Hadley Roy



About Hadley

Dreamer – Writer – Strategist – Observer. Daughter of Christ. Overzealous Detroiter. Hyperactive Mandolin Player. Stress Baker.  Yoga Enthusiast. (In that order.) Learn more at

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