Moving Forward and Backward

August 4, 2017

Life is frustrating.


I know I am constantly wading through a sea of frustration, which I’ve found are often unmet expectations. I normally fail at trying to be cool and breezy, but what can you do. I am slowly learning to remind myself 1) I have very little control of anything and 2) life is a marathon, not a sprint ( I was a sprinter. Yes, me.)


I am a pretty avid reader of self-help books. I read a few a year- all in an effort to check in on myself and my overall well-being. What I find mostly is I haven’t made much progress in finding the best version of me. I get sad about that sometimes because from the outside I look like I have it together.


Truth is I don’t and most of the time, my life is held together by one hair tie, some nail glue, and a quick prayer. Praying always makes me feel better, but sometimes I pray under my breath while jumping off a cliff. Seriously.


But through it all, I have learned progress does not to be this big profound thing. It really is the small wins that make for big progress. Denzel Washington once said, “Goals on the road to achievement cannot be achieved without discipline". And discipline is something I REALLY lack. I go hard with anything and everything, but I often fizzle out before too long. This doesn't mean I need to totally give up, but rather simply  start again. I am quick to give up sometimes. Too quick, so I am learning to trust the journey- even if the journey takes me backward.


So as you go into your weekend, I want you to remember a few things:

  • Don't let one roadblock or mistake stop you from reaching your destiny.

  • The most powerful thing you can do for yourself is believe you can.

  • Each day try to have fun, learn something new, and be kind.

  • Smile. Laugh. Love. Forgive. Sing. Dance. Take a chance. Have faith. Try again.

  • Having challenges means you are still alive and being alive should give you hope because there is still a chance for life to get better.


As I have gotten older, I have become proud of the mistakes I have made. Mistakes have been my best teacher. So instead of beating yourself up every time you mess up, think of them as little forks in the road that keep you moving forward. AND celebrate the wins. C E L E B R A T E the HELL outta them.







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by Brinn From Burbank