I Love Press On Nails!

August 2, 2017

I LOVE a good mani and pedi. I really do, but now it is getting more difficult to make time to get to the nail salon. In the past year, I have canceled my appointment more times than I can count and that upsets me. I HATE having raggedy nails. And I can’t paint them like I used to. I am out of practice. So, when I saw my co-worker with these fabulous nails, I complimented her and that’s when I was enlightened.  She had on PRESS ONS! I know the stigma attached to press ons, so for a while I was hesitant to purchase any, but week after week she kept showing up with perfect nails.


I took the plunge and NOW I AM OBSESSED. There is a whole WORLD of press on nails on sites like Etsy or eBay. Like people make a living selling them to people like me. A month in and I can tell you I probably won’t ever step foot into a nail salon again. Seriously.


With anything in my life I go hard, so I researched and looked at all the “top” brands for buying press on nails. You can buy imPress Manicure Nails at Target, on Amazon, or even CVS. I even went to the Dollar Tree and bought their “Sassy + Chic” nails and tried them too. THE.DOLLAR.TREE. (What?! Yeah. That’s what I said.) Well, the proof is in the picture. I loved them both and actually got more compliments on my Dollar Tree nails. HA! Go figure. So, I can have fab nails for $4 a month. Yup. FOUR DOLLARS. I'll take it. I may even order a case. 

To get them to look real, you have to file them to fit your nail bed. I know. I know. I told you it was easy and it is, but you don’t want people knowing you have on press-ons, so do the work now and they will 1) look better and 2) last longer. You do have to use glue with some press ons, but so far I have not had any problem with the glue messing up my nails. Speaking of glue, I prefer KISS MAXIMUM SPEED NAIL GLUE. Now, we can battle about which nail glue is best, but this works for me. Also, taking them off is just like taking off gel polished nails. Some say you can soak them in warm soapy water, but I soak them off in nail polish remover. Oh, and FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS on the package. It really helps with longevity.


I had two co-workers try them out and they loved them. To prove how durable they are, here are two photos. The first one is a day after she put them on and the second one is two weeks later! TWO WEEKS and still going strong. She is wearing the imPress Manicure Nails, which have adhesive strips on the back so you stick them on like stickers. She loves them and is a believer. (I have actually had a few women ask me if I can put them on for them. HA! I may have a new business. I may even do a video tutorial because I had questions too.)


So, if you love beautiful nails, but don’t have time to hit the salon as often as you would like, consider press on nails. Let me know if you do. TAG #BrinnFromBurbank.






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by Brinn From Burbank