Be Your Own Benchmark

July 20, 2017


In a world that is 24/7, everyone is striving to be something or obtain the next big shiny thing.


We strive to get a promotion. We strive to get a bigger house. We strive to lose weight. We strive to get married. We strive to have children. We strive to get our education. We strive to keep a newer car. We strive to make more and more money. We strive to have perfect teeth, skin, and hair. (I do take the Hair, Skin, Nail vitamins by It Works and let me tell you, it works!  I can send pictures of my before and after if you want to see it. Click here for more information.)  Anyhow, you get the point. We strive. ALL. THE. TIME.

There is nothing wrong with striving. Let me make that clear. I think the problem comes in when that is all we are doing. When we focus on getting to the next level and forget to live along the way. When we forget to learn all we can while getting to the next level. I have found I sometimes feel empty once I achieve my goal. Why is that? It’s because I was moving too fast and was focused on pleasing others- and not myself. I was too focused on the end goal and not the evolution of myself.


Looking back, I am guilty of all of the things I just mentioned. At one point in my life, I forgot to live and thus have had to backtrack a bit. I actually just created a new bucket list because I feel life moving faster than ever before and I don’t want to look back and wish I had done a few things. I challenge you to do the same.  


Some of the things on my bucket list include:

  1. Become a better swimmer

  2. Give away more than I keep

  3. Write a book

  4. Take a missionary trip

  5. Mentor a young mother

  6. Create my own signature drink

  7. Learn to paint

  8. Live more minimally

  9. Learn to play the piano

  10. Learn to paint the nails on my right hand as well as I paint the ones of my left hand (Seriously.)


If you look at my list, you will notice none of it has to do with money, things, or titles. I have stopped looking for others to applaud or validate me.  I've learned I am my own benchmark and therefore whatever I decide to do with my life is perfect for me and no one else. It's not supposed to be. There is a quote which says, "The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them." Become that person. Now, that's striving.


Remember, you are the ONLY benchmark for your life. THE. ONLY. ONE. So get up and rise to YOUR potential. Rise my lovelies. Rise.  






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by Brinn From Burbank