My Sneaker Obsession

May 22, 2017

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like sneakers. Not just any ol' sneaker, but classic sneakers. Give me a pair of Chucks or PUMA Suede Classics any day.


In my youth, I always loved sneakers. As I "matured",  I started wearing heels, wedges, and flats. So much so, at one point, I only owned one pair of sneakers. And those I wore to work out in.


Fast forward and today, I own about twenty pair. ( I cringed as I typed the total amount. My minimalist friends are going to get me. I am trying to cut the clutter a little day by day. Really. I am.) 


I can't believe it took me this long to discover the joy of wearing sneakers. PURE JOY. I have to tell myself NOT to rock them daily and to switch it up, but it gets hard, especially now the weather is finally warming up.


Now, let me be clear, there are rules when it comes to this sneaker thing. You just can't throw on a pair and roll.


No. No. No.


You gotta think about a few things.


Rule #1

If you rock them, they must be clean. Always. 


Rule #2

You don't rock the same pair every single day or week for that matter. Switch them up.


Rule #3 

Find the ones that flatter your foot the most. Every classic sneaker isn't for everybody.


Rule #4

Never copy someone else's sneakers. Especially if you have to see that person often. I know they say imitating is the highest form of flattery, but DON'T DO IT! 


Rule #5

The brand doesn't matter. How you rock it matters the most. 


So those are the rules. I hope you enjoy the slideshow below. It shows off some of my current favs. 












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by Brinn From Burbank