The Art of Saying No

May 16, 2017

I bought a planner this year and I love it. It helps me stay organized and keeps me from being busy for busy sake. (You can find more about the Passion Planner here. It will change your life.) After writing down things in my planner, I found I often over scheduled myself and would get mad about it. Like pissed. Pissed someone would ask me to go to one more event.

Today, I think it is a sort of badge of honor to be busy. Too many people wear it with pride. Let me explain. With our ability to take pictures wherever we go and share it with friends (Most of your friends are not your friends, but that’s a post for a different day.), we tend to fall into the trap of needing to do something interesting, so others will think we lead these AMAZING lives.


Lives so carefully curated, but empty. Lives that are picture perfect, but hide a difficult marriage. Lives that show the pretty people, but they do ugly things. Lives that look like they are ballin’ outta control, but don't have one dollar in savings. You know "those" people.


I don’t want that life, yet I found I was one post away from becoming more and more like those picture perfect, pretty people on Instagram. Perfectly curated.


Recently, I wrote a letter to myself, and it was because of this perpetual state of busy and need to look interesting, I often found myself in. This is NOT A KNOCK to those of you who take pretty pictures and share your lives with us. So, before you send me a nastygram (That’s another one of my words. Like humaning.), get a grip.  If you like it, I love it.


This post is to remind me how busyness made my life a bit unbearable. I was irritable and mad about being irritated. Seriously. Now with my planner, I am able to see how I have spent my days and how I WANT to spend my days. I am getting control of my life one day at a time and enjoying life MUCH more.


My planner helped me reach this point and learning how to use the word no has helped TREMENDOUSLY!  Two letters. One syllable. At first, it hurt my heart to say it, but now it rolls off my tongue like I love you. No, Brinn will NOT be in attendance. No, that day doesn't work for me. No. No. No. It is such an underused and underrated word.


I challenge you to try it. Say no this week and the next. Let me know how it goes. 




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by Brinn From Burbank