Where is Brinn?

April 25, 2017

I once knew a girl named Brinn, but she left the building a LONG, LONG time ago. She became a mother and then a wife and somehow became very comfortable with those labels. But we all know what labels do- they often stereotype and put us in boxes. I hate being put in anyone’s box, so why I have allowed myself to be put in several?


Could it be I have prescribed to what society tells me my life should be like and along the way lost her? Where is she?


I don’t know where she is most days. Often, I see glimpses of her whenever I am sitting on the beach or laughing at one of my favorite movies. Other times she remains hidden behind the labels- waiting to come out when it’s “safe”. Safe meaning being free of obligations and prying eyes. 


Every year on my birthday, I get introspective and see that day as a rebirth for the upcoming year. This year will be no different. The only thing that’ll be different is Brinn will show up and stay around a bit longer.


When we prescribe to labels we don't live life to our fullest potential. I’m taking off the labels.


Today, I challenge you to take off the labels and find yourself. Not in a big philosophical way, but in the way that makes you feel authentic and free.


Remember never apologize for who you are, who you aren’t, and who you’ll never be. It makes life much, much easier.




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by Brinn From Burbank