Talk To Me Thursdays: Where Are You Going?

April 13, 2017

I am not thriving. I am surviving. Holding on to the next moment where I hope to catch my breath. I have three children. Most days I feel like I have twenty-five. I have a career in advertising. I am a wife. A sister. A daughter. A friend.


(I literally hear the Golden Girls theme song anytime I say “A friend". Find the new gospel rendition of it here. It's so good.)


Yet, with all those titles, I still am just surviving. For some of you, your life has been planned since you can remember. You knew what you wanted to major in, where you wanted to live, what your wedding would look like and so forth. Not me. I never pictured my life beyond high school and today I still struggle to picture the next chapter. Sometimes even the next day.


Recently, my besties and I had a vision board party. We combed through pages and pages of magazines, carefully crafting our goals for the year. My friends knew exactly the goals they wanted to achieve this year. Sadly, my vision board had a HUGE blank spot in the middle and the words, “What’s next?” above it. Sometimes I know what’s next, but most of the time I don’t. I have NO idea. Somehow I feel I should- especially in the life stage I'm in. *sigh


I always tell my friends, take it one day at a time. One. Day. At. A. Time. It's becoming my new mantra. Slowly, I'm learning sometimes the best parts of life are unscripted and there won’t always be answers to those questions taking up space in your heart. Regardless, you have to keep seeking, being, and doing. (Did you catch that?)


Meanwhile, I’m going to turn up DM’s “Where Are You Going” and ride shotgun with my husband because I do know one thing, where he goes, is where I wanna be.


So, where are YOU going? #TalkToMe








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by Brinn From Burbank