20 Facts About Me

May 19, 2017



  1. I have been on television four times.  ( I looked lovely each time I might add.)

  2. I haven’t been up “North” even though everyone in Michigan says I am missing out.

  3. When I want to learn something, I go all out and buy EVERYTHING I could possibly ever need so I am prepared for the “just in case”.

  4. I am a social introvert and a loner by heart.

  5. My favorite colors are navy blue, chocolate brown, gray, and white.

  6. I believe all people want to be loved, respected, thanked, and acknowledged. So I live my life through that lens.

  7. I am a Virgo. My bestie is too.

  8. White towels make me so happy.

  9. I only wear my wedding band and not the whole “set”.

  10. Holey jeans are my thing. It’s been like that since high school.

  11. I wash a load of clothes every single day.

  12. Even though I talk A LOT, I get upset when other people do. Especially when I am in my non-talking mood.

  13. I prefer iced coffee. Oh, and Starbucks popcorn. 

  14. Whipped cream repulses me.

  15. I eat more ice cream in the winter than any other season.

  16. Recently, I wrote a bucket list. Writing a blog was on it.

  17. I prefer dark chocolate.

  18. Sarcasm is my middle name.

  19. I think the art of letter writing is dying, so I try to write to my best friend weekly. (Well, almost weekly. I owe her like 20 letters.)

  20. Drake is bae. (I had to.)


What do you want me to know about you? (Go ahead. Don't be shy.)




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by Brinn From Burbank