The Meaning Behind My Blog Name

April 10, 2017

I work in advertising. When I graduated college I got my big break at a media agency. I was elated as I had been trying to snag a gig for months and it was down to the wire. I got my internship the day before I graduated.


Upon arrival to this super, swanky office (A common occurrence in advertising.) I met a woman named Lenette. She was GORGEOUS, yet so kind.  She showed me to my desk and soon we built a friendship.


She worked as an administrative assistant, but could have easily ran the creative department. She was and still is the most creative person I know.  She always carried a camera and was SUPER obsessed with Halloween-even to this day.


When I first got to Michigan, people constantly asked me where I was from. I seemed to have some sort of accent, so it came as no surprise when Lenette asked me the same thing.  When I proudly told her I was from Burbank, California, that's when she started calling me Brinn from Burbank. And it stuck.


It has stuck for over, well the amount of time doesn’t matter, but you get my point.


Thank you Lenette for the moniker. It perfectly describes me.







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by Brinn From Burbank