I Decided.

April 3, 2017


Last fall, I stumbled upon a planner and it changed my life. This blog happened because of it. It’s called the Passion Planner. As the name indicates, it pushes you to find your passion by requiring you to write things down.


Before the days of smart phones (Gah! I am aging myself.), I wrote everything down. As pen and paper turned into fancy electronic notes and calendars, I fell into the trap. The trap of making lists on my phone, but soon forgetting those lists, thus having to write a whole new one.


So when I stumbled upon this gem I almost cried. It was everything I wanted in a planner. It had:


-A calendar- a monthly and weekly view. YASSS!

-A place to doodle very week.

-A “Gratitude” section

-A place to write a letter to yourself when you feel discouraged.

-A goal-setting process to help you layout how to get there

-A reflections section for each month

-A weekly personal and work section to help you prioritize your week

-Blank paper in the back to take notes

-A pocket for you to carry things, like STICKERS!!! (You HAVE to have a place for your stickers. Stickers aren’t just for the young’uns.)


I can truly say my Passion Planner has changed my life. I find myself not only writing down things I have to do, but things I want to do. I love it so much, I became a rep and now YOU can benefit from my obsession. When you visit www.passionplanner.com  and purchase any full-price planner, you will receive 10% off using my discount code: BRINN10.


Go ahead. Check it out! It will change your life. Like Drake says, “Thank Me Later.” Drake is bae. (Yeah, my husband knows. A girl can have a little eye candy in her life, right?!) 









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by Brinn From Burbank